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Sacajawea Middle School—E. 401 – 33rd Avenue

Sacajawea was built in 1959-1960 as one of Spokane’s first Mid-Century Modern-style junior high school.  Parents, teachers and all 1,131 seventh, eighth and ninth-graders eagerly awaited September 1960, the date the school officially opened.  By 1965, school overcrowding was an issue and ninth-grade students were transferred to Lewis & Clark High School and/or Ferris High School.  The middle school was named for Sacajawea, the Indian Bird Woman who served as an indispensible guide to the famous American explorers and surveyors Meriwether Lewis and William Clark (for which Lewis & Clark High School was named).  Many students from Sacajawea Middle School attended Lewis & Clark High School, and are part of LC’s Graduating Class of 1968.